Why we are

Who we are

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How we do it

Why we are

Who we are

What we do

How we do it

Follow your soul.

It knows the way.

- Unknown

We seek to elevate human connection by designing meaning, beauty and potency into spaces.

It's about feels, encounters, experiences.

Our Design Ethos

kristine neri

Transforming spaces can uplift body + mind

We believe that thoughtfully-designed interiors and curated furniture + decor amplify beauty, wellness and energy for soothing spaces.


Creating visual stories matters for human connection

Our design principles seek simplicity, visceral visual impact + mindful experiences for people who dwell in a space.


Working with joy + rigor

We endeavor to bring grit, magis, gestalt, humilty + brio to each project. 

Stay humble and hustle hard. - Unknown

It always seems impossible until it is done. - Nelson Mandela

Moments in Our Story

IDr. Kristine Neri's professional interior design career launched in 1997 and she dove into furniture production in 2000. Manifesting projects as visual stories for over 20 years is a reflection of Kristine's innovation + passion for what she feels she was born to do.

Her husband Michael Magturo joined in 2010 as Chief Growth Officer, and together they started URBAN ABODE in 2012 as an atelier which became known for bespoke, warm industrial-rustic furniture + authentic vintage finds + upcycled/handcrafted curio. At the official launch event, folks unexpectedly began asking for interior design services... and a new path began.

Constantly evolving in artistry and service, in 2019 the couple decided to formalize the distinction of Kristine's studio from URBAN ABODE's custom furniture, giving rise to her eponymous interior design brand KRISTINE NERI.

2020 brought a marriage of the two boutiques into one house of style:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.


- Lao Tzu

On a personal note, our passion for designing interiors

comes in part from our craving to access experiences bigger than any space.

Our inspirations are often found on treks out of home, town or country.

We especially adore the amazing Philippine coastlines +  

the slow living of beach life.

In our hearts, we design and live as TRAVELERS WHO LOVE COMING HOME.

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