"Leave the roads,

take the trails."

- Pythagoras

When we began in 2012 we asked ourselves,


"What can we offer to folks in residential spaces that supports

unique expression + connection + happiness?"

"How do we build intimacy with and into the things we make...

the spaces we breathe?"

From sketch to production,

the creative process of creating bespoke spaces 

is a journey of handcrafting

objects and stories that lean into the expanse between

spatial fashion and soul surfing.

Why Bespoke Furniture?

Custom order pieces give

a special expression + energy to a space.

Especially for people who know what they like...

who have a vision

and are mindful + intentional

of the kind of lifestyle they want to lead,

and enjoy crafting their nook in the universe.

Custom order is for folks who love

bespoke things, the curated + uncommon.

It reflects a personal touch and a certain lifestyle choice.

We understand that sometimes people

just crave something a little different,

that expresses their unique story.

A Mindful Metro


Custom order is more sustainable + friendly to the environment.

Made-to-order furniture helps by using resources when there is actual need. Less inventory, less waste, less pollution. A happier, healthier planet.

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Transforming Spaces

We seek to invigorate spaces by generating & fusing brilliant and useful interiors, furniture and decor with passion + agility +

a love for people.

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Creatives Live Here

We display our Custom Collections releases + available stock at our store at CW Home Depot Ortigas.

At this time, visits are available by appointment only.

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Staycation Everyday

Let's make just the right piece for your space. Choose from our Custom Furniture Gallery or send us an inspo. We can feature your choice of color, dimensions + more.

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