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How To Answer Critical Thinking Questions In Interview

Utilizing the STAR method is a great way to that. How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About a Time When You Were Forced to Think on Your Feet’ Behavioral Interview QuestionPaint the Picture. In situations where you have to think on your feet- things are often rushed and thrown together. However- your answer should not be.

  • Use the following 20 questions to see which of your candidates has both the brains and logic to stand out above the rest. Tell us about a time where a project did not go as planned. What can be done to avoid a similar problem in the future? Have you ever needed to make an important decision quickly?

  • Critical thinking interview questions for soft skills An order hasn’t been delivered to a customer on time, and they’re furious. They want you to cancel the order and close their account immediately. How would you repair the damage and keep the customer? Business has slowed, and you’re in a sales brainstorming session.

  • Answer: One challenge with critical thinking is that it requires us to be open-minded and consider different points of view. It can be difficult to have strong convictions or feel like we already know the answer. Additionally, critical thinking can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort.